The Misfits

I made this post originally on Linkedin where it was well reviewed, so am posting on The Ramble as well.

The Misfits
“We hired them because we saw they would be a great fit with the organization”.    How often have you heard that almost cliché reason for hiring?    I am left to wonder how much greatness companies sacrifice by not hiring and when they do fail to reward or listen to those who don’t “fit in the organization”.    The brilliant scientist on the spectrum who mumbles outlandish technical jargon and will not look you in the eye.   The messy creative who shows up late for meetings with brilliant yet not ready for prime-time ideas.   The out of the box thinker who constantly derails meetings but who brings “seeing around the corner” insights.    The contrarian who can always uncomfortably spot politics getting in the way of profit.     History shows us that while companies may be maintained by steady and thoughtful management, the great innovations that bring true differentiation and wealth come often from those who challenge.     I always like to say in a company “There are those who make it rain (bring prosperity) and those who just want to check the weather”.    Don’t be a weather checker.    As a leader your job is not to fit people in rather it is to form an environment that is fit for genius.

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